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When it comes to consulting / reviewing your crushing plant the logical choice is Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd. Many of the world’s leading mining &amp quarrying operations take advantage of this free service, which is available to you &amp your operation.

Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd has a skilled, technically knowledgeable sales team that can review the operation of any crushing circuit to ensure that the circuit is providing the optimum results.

By its very nature every crushing operation is different, due to the feed material, product being produced, crushers being utilised, screens being utilised, machines operating in closed or open circuit, how the plants are fed, production rates required, moisture content of material, abrasive &amp hardness of material, etc.

This being the case there is every chance that the “Standard” profile crusher liners supplied in the industry are not meeting the requirements of your actual application.

Crushing Equipment’s team can review the process in partnership with your team to offer improvements to the operation.

What needs to be recognised is what do you need to achieve from the crushing plant.

  • Do you have a bottle neck in the plant limiting capacity
  • Is the issue that the product size is not correct
  • Do you have issues with blockages
  • Is the wear rate too high

It is critical to recognised the problems and find the solution. Often the area of the plant that appears to be the problem can be best fixed via modifications to another sector of the plant, i.e. the tertiary crusher is a bottle neck – solution maybe to improve the efficiency of the primary crusher to take load off the tertiary &amp secondary machines. This is why you require a team that has the technical knowledge and support to be able to review the entire circuit not simply make changes for change sake.

With a technically based sales team and the support of a central design team based at our parent foundry group (Scaw Metals Group of South Africa) and one of the largest pattern libraries in the world Crushing Equipment can assist your operation.

All crushing plants benefit from the right profile &amp material composition wear liners – Crushing Equipment has the capacity to design, manufacture and supply the correct wear liners for your crushing plant to reduce the total cost of operation, why not utilise this excellent service.

Contact Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd now, to finally improve your crushing plant.

Our Quality assurance Accreditation is ISO9001:2000
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