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A premier supplier of Crusher Wear Parts to the mining and quarrying Industries.
A supplier of High Quality Wear parts in all grades of Manganese 14%HC 18%HC and 21%HC in addition to all consumables and auxiliaries.
With three warehouses conveniently positioned to service all clients in Australia – Meadowbrook/QLD – Tullamarine/VIC  –  Bibra Lake/WA . In addition
Each State has Technical Team Members with  Crusher, Metallurgical and  Foundry Expertise, to assist you with your day to day issues.
I.E To many fines, Poor throughput, badly shaped product, a mismatch in chamber design , poorly designed jaws,
Low production rates, incorrect manganese grade or steel choice.
No problem is too small or large for us to assist you with.

committed to reducing your total cost
of ownership WE will work with you thE
customer in achieving this. Ask us how we
can assist you.

Quality Assured Alternative Wear Parts

Manganese and alloy wear parts

Crusher Jaws, Bowls, Mantles. Hammers/Blow Bars supplied in 12-14%HC -18%HC & 21%HC . We can also offer select parts in High/Low Chrome Irons or Martensitic &Pearlitic Alloy Steels. Many grades are available to suite your product needs and Site conditions and wear rates.

Bowls mantles and crusher jaws

We have an extensive library and Stock of Wear parts and Solutions to suite your Site Crushers & Layout. Many parts available are improved versions that will offer you improved throughput – improved life – and a reduction in your Total cost of ownership.

blow bars

Impact Crushers when it comes to wear parts are a high usage machine & are among the most expensive type of crushers designed. We can offer a full range of parts to suit your needs and will work with you to ensure you are achieving the optimum life on your parts & full use of your machine with limited downtime.

Mill Liners

Designed to suit you operations Custom designs for All – AG Mills – Ball Mills – Sag Mills & rod Mills. Martensitic or Pearlitic Alloy Steels , in additions to high & Low Chrome Irons. We are a one stop shop when it comes to Mill Liner Designs we employ the latest available Technology and foundry practices including the additions of Rare earth Alloys.

Mining & quarrying Spares

Crushing Equipment carry huge stocks of Cast parts used in modern day Mining and Quarrying Operations designed to suit most applications. In addition we have qualified technicians foundry people and drafts personnel able to modify your existing plant layout and increase throughput, using the most up to date 3D scanners and computer programs.

Auxiliary Items

We carry a extensive range of Bronze Bushes, sleeves and Steel Auxiliary parts for most crushers.



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88 Barberry Way
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Unit 2 23-31 Meaking road
Meadowbrook QL 4131
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