Mangasafe – Alternative lifting for jaw and Mantle liners

Mangasafe – Alternative lifting for jaw and Mantle liners

Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd is the Australian sales and service division of the Cast Products – Amsted Foundry Solutions, owned by the IDC.

Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd services the crusher wear part market in Australasia, South America and Africa.

Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd has experienced staff in the Perth WA, Brisbane Qld and Melbourne office and ware house facilities to provide customer support in all states of Australia in addition to Santiago Chile.  

The company’s active role in industry Associations and related Committees has led to innovative developments to assist end users meet today’s safety requirements and improve wear liner performance. The latest safety development (Mangasafe tm) is the design, certification and field testing of the Jaw liner Lifting Tool CE011 and Cone Liner Lifting Tool CE014.

This important development has led to the elimination of weld on lifting lugs, the potential for lifting slings to fall off open hooks and significant time and cost saving for Cone and Jaw liner changes. Wear liners for Jaw crushers of all sizes liners are now manufactured with lifting holes to suit the new patented jaw liner lifting tool available from Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd.

Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd Victoria meetings along with experienced Quarry managers, Welder Tradespersons, Service persons and associated consumable suppliers, concentrated on:

  1. Review the Safety requirements of current methods.
  2.  The review of existing welder qualifications and welding procedures to ensure the best outcome was achieved with the current practice using weld on lifting lugs.
  3. A review of existing cast-on lifting lug arrangements
  4. Explore new lifting arrangements that will meet all today legislative requirements and company expectations of safety.

The issues related to lugs breaking off and slings falling off open cast-on hooks are well documented and Crushing Equipment P/L quickly directed their attention to a new approach that would eliminate these known hazards. 

Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd accepted the opportunity to explore the challenge. A project (project number CE011) was established and developmental work began early 2009. The team included Lew Dilkes, Trevor Box and Tom Bruce of Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd to design and manufacture the initial prototype tools. 

All testing of the patented system has been completed and is achieving great acceptance amongst the Mining and Quarrying Industry in Australia, with Anglo American companies in Chile also testing our Safe Lifting System.



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